The PSB 1050 stands out with its compact design, optimizing installation space without compromising power. This Shot Blast Machine ensures effective shot blasting, powered by a robust impeller

Key features include

Compact design which optimizes factory space without compromising capabilities

Processing Quality: SSPC-SP5

lnfeed 40ft & outfeed 40ft Motorized Conveyors - Included

Dust collector: 2500 cfm x 7.5 hp motor with bag filter & pulse air jet

Steel shot, steel grit, and other blast media


Material: H-BEAM & I-BEAM

Capacity(HxWxL): 3911x2O11x47211 / 1OOOx5OOx12OOmm

Purpose: De-scaling

Processing speed: Min.3 ~ Max. lOft/min

Processing quality: Up to SSPC-SPS

Impeller unit: 6set (01O’1/27OmmxlOHP)

Dimension(Wx Lx H): 1381 1xl57 11xl9711 / 35OOx4OOOx5OOOmm

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Section - PCR42 Processing

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