Why choose Prodevco?

Prodevco is an industry leading provider of robotic thermal cutting machines with over 20 years of proven track record and 200 projects under our belt. What makes us different? We are specialized in what we do, ensuring that we remain at the very top of thermal cutting industry innovation, day in and day out. Contact us today to see how we can partner for a more profitable future.


Projects Completed


Years of Proven Track Record

Specialized in Robotic Thermal Cutting


Our Team

Prodevco Robotic Solutions is a team of passionate individuals that apply their in-depth knowledge of robotics and vision systems to develop specialized robotic equipment and innovative solutions for the structural steel and manufacturing sectors.


Our Clients

The majority of our current clients consists of small to large steel fabricators and miscellaneous steel shops across North America. With growing interest overseas and neighbouring countries, Prodevco has mobilized operations and has already begun providing it's industry leading machines and services internationally.


Our Support

Our dedicated team of expert customer support, combined with the newest technical support tools, allow our team to remotely diagnose machine issues no matter where you're located in the world. Ensuring you never stop production.

Our Focus

What defines us


Our specialization in robotic thermal plasma cutting is built on years of research and innovation. The future of the steel industry is moving forward, and our focus is to stay ahead of it.


The innovative solutions we build are important to our core business, and in equivalence, so are our services. We've designed them around the concept of continuity, so that you never stop production.


Catered Solutions

In parallel to the systems we've created, we pride ourselves on providing custom built solutions for our clients, always focused around meeting their core needs.

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