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Robotics beam coping plasma cutting


The PCR31 offers you the capability of a beam coping machine while being able to process plates in the same working space. This multi-purpose and easy-to-use machine automates all cutting operations typically performed on structural steel.



Plate Processing


Material Types, Cuts & Sizes

Types: H Beams, Channels, HP-Shape, Angles, HSS, Plate (Standard), Plate (In Option)

Cuts: Holes & Slots, Bevel On Plate, Compound Angle Cuts, Weld Prep (45 degrees), Beam Splitting, Scribing & Marking

Sizes: I-Beam Up To 44″ & HSS Rectangle Up To 20″ x 16″

See brochure below for full details

**Hypertherm XPR 300 can pierce up to 1.75 ”, edge start up to 3″ Can be supplied with HPR 400

Product Preview - PCR31

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You can now work with H-beams, channels, angles, HSS and plate processing on the same system. In one operation you can prep slots, holes, copes and marking, cut notches, weld preps, split beams, scribe and mark on 3 sides.

PCR41 - Capabilities - Interface


Our software is developed in-house to process even the most complex DSTV files such as DXF for plate, DSTV files from TEKLA, SDS/2, GRAITEC and other detailing software.

PCR31 - Capabilities - Easy Load

Plate Processing

The PCR31 can process plates up to 60 inches wide. The robotic arm offers bevelling capability, including inte­grated torch height control, keeping control of tip to plate distance at the optimum value. The automatic torch calibration ensures the precision of bevel cut.

PCR31 - Capabilities - Measuring

Accuracy & Speed

The PCR31’s 3D Vision System measures the actual dimensions of raw materials and automatically compensates for any variations, resulting in precise finished processes.

PCR31 - Capabilities - H-Beam Plate

Productivity & Payback

You can nest several parts from a raw piece to reduce handling and increase productivity.

Download The PCR31 Brochure for a Complete Specification Breakdown

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