The PAP 150 Angle Processing Line offers a complete material handling and processing solution

The main features include

Auto tool change system is available for various holes processing

Automatic processing of Marking, punching & shearing by hydraulic system

Fast and precise material feeding by servo system - Carriage type

Auto load and unload feature

Window OS system for easy data load

Single cut shear, no kerf


Max. Punch Limit capacity: 100 ton

Max. Processing capacity: 2″x2″x1/8″/50x50x4mm ~ 6″x6″x1/2″/150x150x15mm

Max. Punching capacity: 01″x1/2″/026x15mm

Processing data entry: Common Patterns Available

Tool change: ATC(Auto tool change) 3 set per axis

Max Shear Unit capacity: 220 ton (Single cut)

Shearing capacity: 2″x2″x1/8″/50x50x4mm ~ 6″x6″x1/2″/150x150x15mm

In & out feeding & Supply type(Option): IN: Automatic(Chain&Block Type) & Arm Supply Type Out: Automatic(Cylinder&Arm Type)

Dimension(W*L*H): 66″x102″x85″/1680x2600x2150mm

Weight: 20,000lb/9,100kg

Option: Marking system, Auto nesting program

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