Robotics beam coping plasma cutting


The PCR42 is our advanced robotic plasma steel cutting solution that combines CNC plasma cutting and torch technology with fully-automated robotics and laser measuring systems for best-in-class structural steel cutting, that delivers the perfect blend of speed, precision, and complete 7-axis operation.

Up to 10x Productivity Increase

7-Axis Operations

Small Footprint & Flexible Layout


Material Types, Cuts & Sizes

Types: S-Shape, W-Shape, HP-Shape, C-Shape, MC-Shape, L-Shape, ST-Shape, P-Shape, M-Shape, PL-Shape, HSS-Rectangle & HSS-Square

Cuts: Copes & Notches, Holes & Slots, Compound Angle Cuts, Weld Prep (45 degrees), Beam Splitting & Scribing and Marking

Sizes: I-Beam Up To 48″ & HSS Rectangle Up To 20″ x 24″

See brochure below for full details

**Hypertherm XPR 300 can pierce up to 1-3/4” and edge start 3”

Section - PCR42 Processing
Product Preview - PCR42 (No Convey)

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PCR42 - Capabilities - 4 Face 2

4 Face Processing

The PCR42 can cut features onto 4 face profiles including slots, holes, copes and markings.

PCR42 - Capabilities - Scribing & Layout

Scribing & Layout

Reduce costly fitting errors with the added benefit of scribing, layout and markings.

PCR41 - Capabilities - Interface


The Easy-to-use interface uses DSTV (NC1) files with no need for macros or other post process and accepts files directly from 3D detailing softwares such as Tekla and SDS 2.

PCR42 - Capabilities - Measurement

Measurement Systems

The PCR42 is equipped with an advanced laser measuring systems and rotary encoder, able to determine material length and deviations resulting in optimal cutting accuracy.

PCR42 - Capabilities - Round Tube Cutting

2 Zone Processing

Fanuc 7 rotary axis provides the PCR42 with the added capability of 2 zone processing, reducing material indexing.

Download The PCR42 Brochure for a Complete Specification Breakdown

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Mockup - Brochure PCR42


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