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Speed, reliability, versatility

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Fully automated, from first specs and drawings, to cutting trajectories and finished parts

Computer vision: The key to precision

By using non-contact optical measuring of the raw materials being used, the cutting trajectory will deliver the ultimate cutting precision. This Computer Vision system delivers the same quality – every part, every time.

Automated production startup

Our vision system software works directly from your files to turn theoretical parts into finished products. This system can generate cutting trajectories with a minimum of intervention. Using automation for the conversion limits human error and shortens the time-lines from initial design to production.

Increased production capacity

Meet your customers’ ever-increasing demands with Prodevco’s time-saving robotic systems. Dramatically increase your production capacity and deliver faster turn-around times, with less waste, and fewer errors.

Precise results every time

Our systems use non-contact optical measuring and are never affected by mechanical slippage, or wear and tear in any way. This fast and reliable performance ensures greater precision at every stage of production, saving time and material costs.


A one-of-a-kind cutting system for all types of production: profiles, plates, round tubes

Diversified production

Prodevco’s all-in-one design significantly boosts productivity by making it possible to cut plates, profiles, pipe cutting and round tubes (4″ to 26″) with a single system. Equipment limitations are no longer a barrier to business growth.

Unique in the world

Prodevco has achieved a world first—it’s the only manufacturer anywhere to integrate plasma cutting of plates, profiles, and round tubes into one system. The patents we hold are a testament to our high-performance creativity.

Quick return on investment

These systems are recognized and proven to be versatile and cost-saving by allowing you to work smarter and faster. Eliminate the need for sub-contractors and save time by completing more work in-house. Save materials with embedded nesting capabilities. Prodevco systems offer productivity gains that more than offset acquisition cost.


Proven reliability combined with impeccable after-sales service minimizes disruption to operations

Top expertise, top components

Prodevco Vision System operating software and the best components is a match made in heaven.

Prodevco focuses on industrial robotics utilized in structural steel production. Our expertise lies in our Vision System operating software, key to our robotic solutions. We combine this stellar software with the industry’s top equipment suppliers, including FANUC for robotics, and Hypertherm for plasma cutting heads, both world-renowned for reliability.

Always standing by

We understand the importance of seamless production and offer fast diagnostics and troubleshooting. Our support team is available 24/7 to respond to any need. By phone or by Skype directly to the PCR operating screen, our dedicated team assists you so that you can harness the full potential of your Prodevco system at all times.


Our equipment operates within the tolerances as specified by AISC and CISC.