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Prodevco Robotic Solutions is a team of passionate individuals that apply their in-depth knowledge of robotics and vision systems to develop specialized robotic equipment and innovative solutions for the manufacturing of structural steel.

Regardless of whether you are interested in our two-robotic plasma cutting systems which offer profiles cutting up to 4 faces, round tube and plates cutting with the same robot or the 3D projection fitting system the ProFitter, with us, above all, the customer comes first.


We aspire to be the benchmark of innovative solutions for the steel manufacturing industry.


We are a customer-focused, trustworthy, high-integrity organization committed to greatness, safety and quality.


We are dedicated to creating innovative automation and software technologies that will make our customers more profitable.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service.

Finally, we are dedicated to offering our employees a great work place where they can all reach their potential.


Prodevco Robotic Solutions started its operations in 2000. Marc Jobin, a seasoned engineer in robotics, started Prodevco from scratch.

Prodevco Robotic Solutions was the first to specialize in custom-made solutions of robotic equipment for the manufacturing industry, helping customers dramatically improve their profitability through automation. After 15 years of operation, Prodevco has realized over 150 projects in robotics and has acquired a deep knowledge in 3D computer vision, plasma cutting and advanced software to help with the various challenges faced by the structural steel industry.

The continued growth of Prodevco led to relocation in Concord, Ontario, Canada where we perform the research, development and production of our latest innovations dedicated to the steel industry.