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When trusting Prodevco Robotic Systems with an order, not only do you buy an established state-of-the-art steel coping machine, but you also buy peace of mind. Client satisfaction is indeed our top priority.


We stand behind our products. Every aspect of our service is geared toward making sure the customer is completely satisfied. We are committed to delivering outstanding service, and so we pledge the following:

  • Strive to truly understand your needs and expectations

  • Answer your questions in a frank and straightforward manner

  • Communicate with you in a prompt and timely fashion


  • Communicate all technical information required to ensure a smooth installation, namely lay-out information, electrical, mechanical and air requirements, and equipment and labour needed at installation.

  • Make sure that your PCR™ is in perfect working condition by:

    • Setting up and testing your steel cutting equipment in our shop before delivery
    • Packaging and loading your shipment with care


  • Set up your new system and recheck everything by processing your typical parts

  • Train you and your staff with a formal training program but mostly by working side by side with you on production orders


  • Be available to answer any questions via our “click and chat” feature on the main operator interface or through our hotline service.

  • Within the first year, do a follow-up visit tailored to your needs to:

    • Review operational and maintenance procedures
    • Do a complete quality control check on the system
    • Do some advanced training with your experienced staff so that you get the most out of your PCR plasma cutter system

We have designed our systems to be low-maintenance, sturdy, and durable. Our Internet link to your system and our onboard camera platform give us immediate access and “eyes on” capability. If you ever need help from our service team, this link allows us to handle the vast majority of issues right from our desks and in very little time.

Moreover, our PCR systems are backed by a 3-year warranty on parts and labor. This includes software upgrades that add functionality and improve system performance.

And finally, because we understand the impact on your profitability when you have downtime, our technical services representatives can be reached for technical issues and can promptly visit you on-site when needed.

*Parts warranty coverage excludes normal wear and tear on consumable parts.